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Office Assistant I - Teller (Vanderbilt University Credit Union)

Vanderbilt University


**Office Assistant I - Teller (Vanderbilt University Credit Union) (Job Number: 1800043)**


**About the Position:**

As Office Assistant I - Teller at Vanderbilt University Credit Union, you will assist members in person and by telephone; provides general credit union information; assists members with deposits and withdrawals; operates computer system terminal to obtain members' status and to issue withdrawals either by cash or check; provides information on other inquires; assists members in starting, stopping and changing a payroll deduction; performs other related duties.

**About Vanderbilt University Credit Union:**

Vanderbilt University Credit Union provides banking services for Vanderbilt University's staff, faculty, and students. To learn more about Vanderbilt University Credit Union Click Here:

**About Vanderbilt University:**

Vanderbilt is a renowned private institution founded in 1873 located a little more than a mile from downtown Nashville, TN. The university's students, faculty, staff and visitors frequently cite Nashville as one of the perks of Vanderbilt. VU is a place where your expertise will be valued, your knowledge expanded and your abilities challenged. It is a place where your diversity is sought and celebrated. It is a place where employees know they are part of something that is bigger than themselves, take exceptional pride in their work and never settle for what was good enough yesterday. Vanderbilt was recently ranked #1 in the Princeton Review at -has-happiest-students-again-according-to-2017-princeton-review-best-colleges-rankings/ among 382 top colleges and universities for "happiest students" -- as well as #2 for "best quality of life" and "great financial aid," #5 for "best run colleges" and "beautiful campus," and #6 for both being in a "college city that students love" and having "great campus/city relations."

**Below is a full job description:**

+ Receive members personally and/or by telephone at assigned counter station

+ Determine the nature of the member's request

+ Transact the member's request or refer the member to the appropriate staff

+ Provide in person and/or by telephone routine information concerning the credit union's services and policies including the following:

+ Information about the credit union operations

+ Eligibility for membership

+ Lending policies

+ Truth In Savings policies

+ Interest rates on savings and loans

+ Interest paid on loans

+ Interest paid on dividends

+ Procedures for starting, changing, or stopping a payroll deduction

+ Location of credit union office

+ Office hours of credit union

+ Make share withdrawals in cash or by check to person with proper identification

+ Sell Entertainment books and attraction tickets

+ Sell Money orders, and teller cashiers checks

+ Serve as back up for alphabetizing payroll deduction forms for Asst. Mgr on Monday morning.

+ Check weekly report of new accounts for accuracy.

+ Receives phone calls in reference to account balances

+ Closes and balances cash drawer each day

+ Maintain bondability

+ Perform Other duties as assigned.

**Basic Requirements**

+ Must possess accuracy in handling records of cash and documents having to do with member accounts, either by phone or in person.

+ Must possess accuracy in handling cash and recording daily transactions.

+ Pleasant to members and insurance companies in daily contacts, either by phone or in person.

+ Must possess knowledge of computers, adding machines, ect.

+ Must possess mental alertness, familiarity with policies and procedures of credit union, neatness in appearance, punctuality, a cooperative attitude in relation with members and other employees.

**Required Soft Skills**

+ Acceptance of Feedback - Ability to take constructive criticism with grace, and make improvements without taking it personally or holding grudges. When wrong, owns it - freely admits mistakes.

+ Adaptability - Ability to read cues and adapt accordingly. Ability to adjust style and approach to accommodate the styles and needs of others. Can anticipate and effectively de-escalate potential conflicts.

+ Creative Thinking - Ability to go beyond the boundaries of the job description, willingly takes on new challenges, finds creative solutions rather than always awaiting a manager's direct instructions

+ Helpful Nature - Offers to help lighten the load for others in times of need. Volunteers rather than waiting to be asked.

+ Understands that almost no one works in a silo, and will need the help of others to do their job well, and that by helping others first, they will likely reciprocate.

+ Integrity - Holds oneself accountable; takes responsibility for failures as well as successes, recognizes that trust is required to hold a team together.

+ Maturity -- Exhibits professional maturity; doesn't pass the buck to dodge accountability; doesn't engage in petty office politics or inappropriate social conduct

+ Respect - Is friendly, tirelessly cordial, polite, and genial. Comes in to work with a good attitude and doesn't bring their own personal "little black clouds" into the work environment.

+ Responds Promptly -- When emails and phone messages aren't returned in a timely way, it sends the message that the other party is not important. Responds even if just to acknowledge receipt and provide a timeframe by which the requester can expect a full response.

+ Is Nice - Asks questions and is a good listener. Smiles and is grateful. Sends appropriate notes of thanks to others who have helped. Avoid gossip or saying negative things about co-workers. Patient and generous. Make suggestions rather than stating hard and fast opinions. Avoids being negative, sarcastic, and cynical.

+ Shares - Shares information. Communicates. Transmits knowledge . . . knowledge isn't power - sharing knowledge is. Asks for advice.

+ Resilience -- Is resilient in the face of daunting challenges and setbacks; bounces back readily.

+ Work through Issues - It isn't about the people, it's about the outcome. If things aren't going well, outcomes suffer.

+ Be willing to have crucial conversations if things aren't going well. Doesn't just complain to management . . . does everything possible to remedy the situation directly first.

+ Teamwork - Values teamwork and co-workers; make them feel valuable and important by acknowledging what they do.

+ Doesn't expect from others effort that one is unwilling to do themselves. Find ways to complement other's strong suits.

+ Praises Publicly; Criticizes Privately. When dealing with a difficult co-workers or customers, "pretend your children are watching" how the situation is handled. Good manners help keep a cool head. Gives credit where credit is due.

+ Assumes the Best -- Assume that others are working as hard as you are on things that are as important as what you are working on. Just because you don't know what someone does, it doesn't mean they're not doing anything.

+ Raises the Bar - Expects and delivers excellence. Is a creative problem solver. Is proactive. Welcomes input on making things better. Places a high value on learning and getting better.

+ Believes- Believes in the work being done and the organization.

+ Perspective - Maintains a sense of humor and perspective. Can laugh first and foremost at oneself.

+ Reliable - Does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. Shows up for work when expected. Doesn't push the burden of work volume or deadlines to others.

+ Honest and Transparent - Doesn't have hidden agendas. Doesn't play people against each other. Is authentic and forthright.

+ Autonomous - Self-managing; self-motivated. Manages time, activities and outcomes well so that progress stays on track.

+ Detail-Oriented - Even small mistakes can create big issues; attention to detail work indicates care about the outcomes.

+ Hard-Working - Is industrious as well as efficient (busy isn't the same as productive). Be persistent. Can juggle multiple competing priorities simultaneously.

+ Eager - Enthusiastic, wanting to learn, wanting to continue one's personal and professional development and expertise.


In addition to offering a lively community that encourages learning and celebrates diversity, VU offers a competitive, flexible benefits package including health, dental, vision, life, accidental death & dismemberment, disability insurance, paid time off, and a 403(b) retirement plan with employer match. Vanderbilt offers tuition assistance to employees, spouses and dependent children. Also, after five years of service, Vanderbilt will pay up to 55% of the tuition for up to three dependent children to earn a bachelor's degree. Learn more about Vanderbilt's benefits at -Candidate-.pdf

This position requires a high school diploma or the equivalent and 1 year of related work experience.

**Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):**

**Primary Location:** _United States-Tennessee-Nashville_

**Organization:** _36710 - Credit Union_

**Job:** _Administrative / Office Support Supervisors, Leads, and Staff_

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